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February 15, 2021

Angela Young will join us and relate the fascinating story of her family connection to the Titanic. She writes…

“I found letters between my great-grandmother, the Countess of Rothes, and Able Seaman Thomas Jones, the aristocrat and the able seaman of this talk, while working on my novel THE DANCE of LOVE. Both survived the sinking of RMS Titanic.

Everybody knows that on her maiden voyage Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, but the people who kept hope alive among the frozen, frightened lifeboat passengers, the people who piloted those lifeboats, are sometimes forgotten. This talk remembers two of them, two who showed great courage, skill and kindness on that tragic night; two whose backgrounds were quite different and who, in any other circumstances, would never have met”

Prev Meeting – Tuesday 13th September. Grab your spoons!!

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We will be welcoming Jo May (via Zoom) to teach us all to play the spoons. Should be hilarious. We strongly suggest that members buddy up in acceptable numbers (please remember the rule of 6 refers to the number in the house as a whole!) to get the most fun out of the evening 🙂

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Eileen Baber will join us via Zoom with tips on how to get starting tracing you family tree. Eileen leads East Grinstaed U3Asites group is and is pleased to share her passion for family history with us saying… Family History is a fascinating subject that just grows and grows, turning into an enthralling hobby that can become quite addictive.

Details of the zoom

Prev Meeting: Tuesday 11th August. 7pm

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Meet at Dormansland Recreation ground for 7pm. Bring a chair, a glass and some cutlery if you’ve order F&Cs, or your own snacks if you prefer.

We’ll set up in groups of 6 as currently allowable. There is a Scavenger Hunt to begin with which will be in smaller groups. Each group will need access to a camera on a phone for instance and bring your sense of humour!

Drinks provided.